Monday, February 27, 2012

BQ 2012

This is how the table was set.  You can't tell all that is on the table but the kids did an amazing job setting it.  The centerpiece bowl was made by the juniors.  It had sand inside with shells and a party favor(which they also made) for each of them to take home.

They even made the hanging lamps!  The tables had a board connecting them to make a ship. 

Some of the sophmore class is chosen to be servers at the banquet.  During the walk through they did various things to add to the set like in this pic. they were paddling a boat.

the main ship

the town of Tortuga

RVA is really in one of the most beautiful locations.

Kevin helping Justin with his tie.

He is so handsome if I do say so myself!

Justin putting a little cologne on his roommate Kyle.  

I got to pin on the boutineer.

Kyle's mama pinning on his boutineer.

A last min. shave!

The other juniors in Justin's dorm.

Justin and his roommate Kyle.

walking up the hill to pick up their dates.

Justin and his date Sara.

Each couple had to walk all the way up the hill as people lined the walkway.  Then when they got to the banquet hall they came down these steps onto the platform and were introduced to the crowd.

Justin and Sara

Justin with some of his friends

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