Friday, March 2, 2012

Our trip to Luangwa

This past weekend we went to visit Kenny and Lesley Vines and their two children Tyler and Kenley.  You may remember that they were in Chongwe living near us for a year while they studied language.  In July 2010 they moved to Luangwa which is east of Chongwe.  Luangwa is one of the hottest places in Zambia to live.  Most days the temperature is well over 100 degrees outside and inside the house.  
Kenny is teaching in several different locations.  Lesley works in the local clinic once a week, takes care of the children, and visits with the women at their weekly meeting when she can.  


 We enjoyed playing with the kids!


 Hannah and Tyler

 Saturday afternoon Kenny drove us around showing us some of the area.  We got to this point and didn't think we could continue on so we had to turn around.

 Kenley enjoyed jumping in this so much.  

Please pray for Lesley as she works in the clinic to fully understand what her patients are saying to her and that she would communicate effectively.  Pray for wisdom as she diagnoses patients.  
Pray for Kenny as he teaches TEE that the men would be faithful to come and eager to learn.  Pray for wisdom as to how to plant churches in this responsive area.
Pray for Tyler and Kenley to have special friends as they grow up in such a remote area.

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