Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Heart Cries

This past Thursday Hannah and I went to Ng'ombe compound to visit some of the patients of one of the caregivers which I'm leading in bible study.  I have been wanting to go out with some of these caregivers to build a deeper relationship with them and to encourage them in their work.  Little did I know what God had in store for us on this day as He allowed us to hear stories and see with our eyes the reality of what most Zambians go through each day.  My heart cries for the ones we visited today and all the others in every small home in that compound.  Each home represents families with their own set of problems and hurts.  Most of them living in darkness and not knowing the Love of Jesus and just trying to make it day to day.  I left this compound wondering how can we make a difference?  It is so overwhelming!  There are so many people who need help.  The task is so big.  I'm so thankful that there is no task to big for God.  Even though I don't understand His plan I know He has one.  That is why it is so important that I daily do what God has called me to do here in Zambia. 
There are a couple of pictures that are graphic so if you have a weak stomach you may not want to go any further.

 These first few pictures were taken as we drove through the compound getting to the church we were meeting at.  There are many compounds just like this one in Lusaka where thousands upon thousands of Zambians live right on top of one another with little place for trash which just piles up in ditches and the side of the road.  

 There are many markets along the road where women sit day in and day out selling the same thing their neighbor beside them is selling hoping to make enough money to buy food for their family for that day.

 How would you like to get your hair cut here?

 Hannah didn't get a picture of the whole church but this is a portion of it.  This is where I meet the Palliative care givers for bible study.  This is also where a school meets during the week.  On this particular day school was in session.  There are over 400 students that come to school here each day.

 This lady is cooking two huge pots of porridge to give all of the kids.  She is stirring the porridge over the fire and it was at least 95 degrees outside that day. 

 We walked the path with the mother of the first patient leading the way to her home.  

 This is Aggie and she is seven years old.  Last Thursday she was hit by a car and it did this to her leg. She went to the local clinic and they just gave her antibiotic.  The man who hit her then took her to a private clinic which was better.  They cleaned it well, gave her antibiotic and pain killers, and wrapped it up.  It had been one week since the accident and the girl is still not able to walk any.   It was bandaged when we went in but almost as soon as we sat down they started taking it off so we could see the wound.  It was very hard to look at especially knowing there isn't much you can do to help. Esther, the caregiver, asked me, "Is there something we can do?"  Not having any medical training myself I called my friend Lesley who is a doctor.  I explained everything to her and she gave me advice to share with this family about cleaning it properly and how to properly take care of this little girl.  The mother of Aggie could not make herself clean the wound so the grandparents are taking care of Aggie at this time.  

 Please pray for Aggie to heal quickly and properly.  Pray that infection would not come and that the family would be able to keep the wound clean and care for her properly.  Pray there would not be any muscle damage and that she would walk again.
 We knew before we left home that we would be visiting a little girl who had been hit by a car.  Hannah asked if she could give a children's bible to the girl.  She also wrote a couple of bible verses on a piece of paper and drew a picture to give Aggie.  She was enjoying looking at the pictures in the bible even while we were there.  
I prayed for Aggie and her family and we left.  My Heart Cries for little Aggie!

 These are some of the children waiting outside for us to come out.

 These next few pictures were taken while walking to our next destination.

 This is Esther that I am walking with.

 This is Leah Piri.  She is 5 years old and HIV positive.  About 3 months ago she stopped walking and barely has an appetite.  While we were there she was trying to eat a piece of bread and drink some water which had flies all over it.  Her mother who is also HIV positive left Leah several years ago.  Leah's grandmother and great grandmother are the ones caring for her now.  It's hard to tell from this picture but her little legs are so tiny.

 This is the great grandmother who is blind.  When we walked up to the home she was outside washing dishes in a basin.  She lead us inside by crawling up the steps since she couldn't see.  It was very dark inside and hot.  This is where Leah sits all day long. 
As we left this place I just had to ask myself what kind of mother would leave her child in this condition to be taken care of by the grandmother and great grandmother.  Please pray for Leah to be able to eat properly and regain her strength.  Pray for her grandparents to be able to care for her properly.  The outcome is not good.  My heart cries for Leah!

 We passed one of the ladies from my bible study selling things in a little stand on the side of the road.  All day her little girl who is 9 months old just sits there with her as she tries to make a living.

 Back at the school there is a clinic which is open one day a week.  This is Susan who is a nurse trying to help those who come.  There was a very long line of people waiting outside just to see a nurse.
Pray for Susan and others who give of their time to help these hurting and sick people.  Pray for wisdom as they try to discern what is wrong with the patients.

 These two pictures are of a couple of classes meeting while we were there.  
Pray for these children to receive a great education so that one day they too can make a difference in Zambia.

This is Esther who heads this all up-the school, the clinic, the food distribution, and the care givers.  I was trying to encourage her as we were walking through the compound telling her what a good job she was doing by helping so many.  She very humbly said,"It is not just me, I have a great team who works alongside of me.  You are now on our team too Suzie because you pray for us and encourage us."
Please pray for Esther and her team of Palliative care givers, teachers, and cooks, and clinic helpers as they strive to serve those who are in need in Ng'ombe compound 
Psalm 147:3 says, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."


The Helgren Family said...

Suzie! I am so happy that the Lord has blessed you with such an amazing ministry! I want to come and go out with you sometime! Esther will have a HUGE crown in Heaven for the work that she is doing for the kingdom! Love you!


WOW! May it be that all of our hearts will cry! I once heard a missionary say that after you've been on the field for a while, you need to give your camera to someone who has fresh eyes able to see the hurting. After all of the years you have lived in Zambia, you can still see it! Praise God for that! Keep shedding those tears, taking those pictures, and reaching out to the hurting in Jesus name!