Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breath of Heaven Orphanage

These are our friends, Michael and Aretta Devine, who served here in Zambia about 10 years ago.  A few years ago they helped start Breath of Heaven Orphanage here in Lusaka and just came a couple of times a year.  They have just recently come back to live full-time and help run this orphanage.  This time they came with two of their grandchildren whom they have adopted.  Sunday after church we went to visit them at their home and to see the orphanage.  They have 40+ kids that are at the orphanage now.
Please pray for Michael and Aretta as they minister at this orphanage every day.  Pray for wisdom and guidance as they seek to share the love of Jesus with all these kids on a daily basis.   Pray for the ongoing construction, tilapia farm, gardens, school program, and all that they have going on.

 This is one of their grandsons, Nathanael .

 The kids have a huge playground to enjoy!

 This is where the Devine's live plus any volunteers who come to help.

 There are currently 4 homes which house all these kids.  Each home has a house mother who lives there with them.  She is the one who cooks for them as well.  There are about 6 older kids that go to a local school but all the others are taught in these buildings as well.

 They are in the process of building a 5th building so that they can bring in more orphans.

These is an area where they will plant some vegetables and then behind it will be a Tilapia Farm.

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