Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We always make a plan but God always has a purpose!

God continues to amaze me each week as He shows me that He is in control.  His plans are best and they are not always what I expect.  On Monday, Hannah and I went to teach in Ng’ombe compound.  As we waited for a few min. for the women and children to show up it became very apparent that Hannah was going to have a big class again and that most of them were going to be older than her.  She is only 11 so I totally understand her not feeling comfortable teaching 15 or 16 year old boys.  She hated to turn them away but she could only handle the ones her age and younger.  Esther began leading all the older ones to one corner of the building and they sat.  Esther came to me and said, “Suzie, you and I will teach the youth since the women are not here.”  In my mind, I’m thinking that I don’t have a lesson except what I was going to teach to the women care givers.  She says, “we will teach on Self Image.”  Anyone who knows me knows I like to have time to prepare and to just be thrust into this was way out of my comfort zone.  Esther introduced me to the youth and began talking about sin.  She then turned to me and said, “so Amai Rodgers, why should they not do these things?”  I started sharing and she walked away.  I didn’t see her again until it was all over!!  Ha!  (Later she told me that was part of her plan) So anyway, I ended up sharing my testimony and the gospel.  I also shared with them from Psalm 139 and talked about how much God loved them and that they were special.  I asked them if anyone had ever told them they were special before and they all shook their heads no.  I assured them of God’s love and how He knew everything about them and even knew them by name.  I talked about my life before Christ and my life afterwards.  I drew on the chalkboard these two kinds of lives and explained them. 

Self-Directed Life
S-Self is on the throne
-Christ is outside the life
-Interests are directed by self, often resulting in discord and frustration
Christ-Directed Life
-Christ is in the life and on the throne
S-Self is yielding to Christ,
resulting in harmony with God's plan
-Interests are directed by Christ,
resulting in harmony with God's plan

I asked them which of these circles represented their life.  Some didn’t answer and some said the circle on the left-the self directed life.  So I explained to them how to go from the life on the left to the one on the right.  I told them that if they wanted to make this important decision to follow Christ then they could stay and I would share with them how to do that but if they did not want to do that and they were happy with being in control of their own life they could go ahead and leave.  No one moved!  I waited in silence for about a minute but still no one moved.  30 youth prayed to receive Christ that day!  I had no idea what God had planned for that day.  Well, I thought when I went that I kind of knew what would happen but it didn’t quite work out how I thought.  God’s plans were so much better!  

Please pray for these young people aged 13-16 as they begin to follow Christ day by day.  They have so much pressure here to be a part of the world. These youth were not from a Baptist church. They were just from the community school in this compound.  When I asked them where they went to church the answers varied like Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, etc.  None of the churches they named were evangelical.  Someone needs to continue to teach these youth but who?  Pray for me as I try to find someone willing to come and teach the youth while Hannah teaches the kids and I teach the women. 

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