Thursday, September 6, 2012

A beautiful tapestry

This past week I was challenged to do a life map and then share it with the women I teach in the compound.  A life map is a timeline of your life in pictures from the very beginning up until the present.  As you do this it helps you to see God's hand on your life even from the beginning up until your conversion.  Then how He has used hard times and the high points in your life to draw you closer to Him.  A life map shows the major land marks such as events, relationships, and experiences that define your life's journey.  It is like a tapestry with its many threads woven in-seen and unseen patterns it creates something of intentionality, beauty, and pattern.  As I did this it helped me to see how God had made me, shaped me, and guided me throughout my life.  This timeline is my testimony in pictures!  The purpose of any testimony is to bring praise to God!  Please pray for these women who I have challenged to do their life map!  Even for those who can not read or write most can draw pictures.  This should be exciting to see the result of this on Monday.  Please pray that God would very clearly speak to these women about their life and that it could be an encouraging time and growing time for them all.  Pray that as a result of this if they realize they are not saved that they would desire to follow Christ.

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