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 This is the house which the Waddills used to live in when they served as imb missionaries in Serenje, Zambia.  They were there from 1973 to 1998. They did such a tremendous job while serving there!  They ran a farm and discipled believers.  It was so neat to visit there for this Annual General Meeting of the association there and see how well they have kept up the place.  We had visited the Waddills back in 1998 I believe and had such a great time.  That was back when the boys were little and you can imagine how much fun they had running around a farm, riding a motorcycle, and a tractor with their Uncle Tom.  The legacy that the Waddills left behind is incredible to see.  The association has now turned the house into a guesthouse which is where we stayed. 

There were lots of gum trees around and they were so beautiful and big!

The farm became a classroom for local farmers as Tom would hold annual field days for village farmers to come and learn more about seasons for planting various crops, vegetables, and what fertilizer to use on specific crops. He had planted various trial plots showing the difference of crop growth with and without fertilizer and times of planting. Tom also introduced an oxen training scheme. He trained steers for plowing and then sold the team of oxen to farmers. I think this helped to increase the size of the crops the farmers would plant providing them with more food and money.

The great increase in church plants occurred under Tom's direction and energy. He was the missionary who gave the churches the vision to keep going beyond their villages to plant more churches in areas where there were no churches.

Beautiful flowers which we saw planted around the guest house.


Lucille had a nutrition clinic that she operated on the patio at the back of the house. This bench is where people would sit and wait for Lucille to attend to their problems.  That bench was made from one of the cedar trees planted by Malcom Moffat that was cut down by a team of tree trimmers because the cedars had died and were a hazard of falling on the house. Lucille had topical medications that she would apply to wounds and sores. Serious medical problems were taken to the hospital in Serenje or to Chitambo Hospital. The Waddills provided the transportation for these serious medical problems for getting to the hospital. Many nights someone from the village would knock on their door at all hours saying there was a woman having problem giving birth and needed to go to the hospital and transportation was provided.

At this time there are not any missionaries that live in Serenje and there hasn't been for a long time.  The bible school continues to grow, churches are planting churches, and the work continues.  This is what we like to see after a  missionary leaves!  We went to their Annual General Meeting last weekend.  It was incredible!  They said the number was low this time at 1,397!  Usually, there are about 2,000+.  A few weeks before beginning their meeting they build this temporary shelter to have the meeting in.  They used logs for benches and the structure of the shelter.  Then the walls were grass and they threw some leafy branches on top to block out some of the sun. 

It is hard to tell in this picture but in the background you will see a temporary structure they put up for everyone to sleep in.  They slept under the stars with just the walls of grass surrounding them.

a closer picture of their structure

people everywhere

Not everyone had a place to sit inside so at each meeting you would find people sitting outside the structure.  There is no electricity there so they used a generator to run the sound system so everyone could hear.

Each morning they would split into groups to make sure that every one would be taught on their level or with a group that they had something in common with.
Kevin and I went to a older couples class which we enjoyed.  We talked about marriage, men's and women's roles, and stewardship.

They had several kids groups.  Hannah went to one of the groups where the kids were closer to her age. 

This was a women's group.

Kevin did a great job of preaching on the different stages of Christian growth.  Many prayed to receive Christ, rededicated their lives, and there were a couple of people that were delivered of demons.  
It was a great weekend!

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