Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malawi and Quelimane

 Recently, we traveled to Malawi and Mozambique.  While in Malawi we met with the ACSL's and their wives.  Jeff P. is over Malawi and John D. is over Mozambique.  We have been praying for another couple to come and take this position in Zambia.  God has just answered our prayers with Jeff and Robyn Lowe who have already been serving in Zambia.  They will be back from their stateside assignment in January and will start then. 

 During our meeting John celebrated his birthday.  Here he is blowing out his candles.

 From Lilongwe we traveled to Quelimane, Moz.  This city was a lot bigger than I had imagined.  This picture is taken from one of the highest buildings.  I think this must be the bicycle capitol of the world.  I have never seen so many people on bicycles on the road. It was as if the road was made for the bicycles and not the cars.

 The McDaniel family lives in this city.  Hannah made friends with these girls during our last session of 40/40.  Hannah had so much fun reconnecting with these girls.

 Hannah was able to spend a whole day with them.  Here they are making tie dye t-shirts.


 The McDaniel family

 We stayed with the Dina's.  We had never had fresh coconut from the tree.
So, one evening John's worker climbed up the coconut tree and cut down a few coconuts.

 John with a coconut

 then he cut the outside off and the top

 then we were able to drink fresh coconut milk!

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