Monday, November 26, 2012

Our piece of the puzzle

 Here are the group of ladies whom I teach on Mondays.  On this particular day, some of the men palliative care givers were also there because they were going to have a meeting after we finished with our bible study.  We were supposed to be hearing from two of the ladies who were going to share their life maps.  Yes, we are still working on those!  Anyway, the ladies didn't feel comfortable sharing with the men there so I had to come up with something else.  Thankfully, I had been working on a devotional that morning for our ladies day retreat so I just shared that with them.  I had brought it just in case something happened which does from time to time. 

 Before we started our lesson I had 4 women and 4 men compete to see who could put a 24 piece puzzle together the fastest.  Well, this did not go as well as I thought.  These people were not brought up doing puzzles as young kids so only a few of them had actually ever done a puzzle before.  The women took 5 min. and 20 seconds to complete a 24 piece puzzle.

 The men took 10 min. and 25 seconds.
They all had fun doing it though.  I just felt bad for those who were watching.

Most people think that the most important piece of the puzzle is the last piece, the corner pieces, or the edges.  But I think the most important piece is the box top.  Without the boxtop, you can't see the big picture.  And without the big picture, how can you make sense of all the little pieces?  
We are all like a puzzle piece.  We just need to find our place in the big picture which is God's purpose for our lives.  God is the only one who sees the big picture.  He has created us just the way we are with all our rough edges for a purpose.  And that purpose is to accomplish a specific set of good works that will glorify Him.  We may not feel that our role or contribution is any big deal.  But the fact is, when His people are living for Him, together we make a beautiful image.

I just love that my daughter, Hannah, and another mk, Troy Lewis are going with me each week to teach.  Hannah is teaching the children her age and under.  Then Troy is teaching the youth.

 Hannah teaching them the song, Father Abraham.
Here is Troy teaching the youth.  He is in the back with the red shirt on.  He has about 30 or more youth each week that are coming to hear God's Word.

We are all doing what God has called us to do at this time in our lives.  If we weren't we would be like a missing puzzle piece.  If we are not doing our part to complete our section of the puzzle than the big picture would not be complete.  Are you doing what God has called you to do?

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