Saturday, February 23, 2013

Banquet 2013

 Last weekend I was able to go visit Justin at RVA in Kenya for his Banquet.  One day I got to go to all of his classes with him.  It was fun to be a senior again for the day!
The afternoon of banquet the guys play rugby while the girls are getting all fixed up.

 view from Justin's dorm

 Nathan C.

Justin(after playing rugby) and Nathan

 The student body, staff, and parents get to walk through the banquet hall a couple of hours before it begins.
The theme was The Titanic.

 The junior class did such a great job making the set and transforming this building into The Titanic.

 This is Justin and Rachel's place setting.

 Justin getting ready.

 Some of Justin's friends

 I know I'm his mother but he sure did look handsome!

 So glad I was there to pin on his boutineer.

 guys from Justin's dorm

 me and Justin

 Justin and Levi (his roommate)

 Matthew D. another friend of Justin's

 Nathan C. and other friends

 Matthew and Nathan's dorm picture

 Nathan and Matthew

 Justin with his dorm parents

 Justin and Matthew waiting outside the girls dorm waiting to pick up their dates.



 Rachels dad escorting her in to meet Justin.

 A little fatherly advice...

 giving her flowers

It is so exciting because after the guys pick up the girls in their dorm they then walk up the hill to the banquet hall.  As they get closer to the building there are lanterns lighting the path and the student body and parents are all there to take pictures and cheer for each couple.
 walking in
They all had a great time!

 Justin outside his dorm.

 me and Justin

 3 baboons were right outside the dorm getting into the trash.  They were huge!


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