Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Orphanage Visit

 Today I took Hannah and Laura Beth to visit an orphanage.  We really enjoyed our visit with these kids.  While we were there we helped some of the kids with their reading.

 As you can see, Luke was the center of attention with the girls!

 Laura Beth helping him read.

 I had 5 kids that I helped with learning the alphabet.  We practiced singing our ABC's (Zambian style), recognizing letters, sounds of letters, and then I taught them their vowels.  I told them after all of this that they could go play.  One little girl said she wanted to learn to read.  I told the boys they could go and they all wanted to stay too.  Amazing!!  Most kids would have shot out the door as fast as their little legs could take them!  So we sounded out 3 letter words for about 15 more min.

 After reading time we painted nails. Even the housemother wanted hers painted.

 Luke is such a friendly little boy.  He would reach for whoever was coming towards him.

 showing off her nails

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