Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trash Your Idols

An idol is anything that you are obsessed with and can't get out of your mind.  Idols aren't just little wooden figurines or golden cows.  They are things you believe will make you happy or relieve your pain or fear.  An idol tries to take the place of God by offering you some kind of hope.
Idols will run your life and steal your happiness.  If you have anything in your life that you are obsessed with, then you have idol trouble.  Is there anything that if asked to give up right now, you couldn't?  If you do, then you have an idol.
If you want freedom from the things that seem to control you then all you need to do is to call them what they are, false gods, and then refuse to worship them.  That means get them out of your life.  God is more powerful than any other god you could find.  But he won't ever remove these idols without your permission because he wants you to agree with him and call your idol and idol and for you to choose to walk away.  You have the power through Christ to be idol free.  When you do, you will find an abundance of true happiness.  Let's get rid of those idols!