Thursday, April 4, 2013

Many children in Lusaka go to bed each night feeling hungry.  Praise God for a feeding program at one local community school that makes sure they get at least a bowl of porridge each day Monday-Friday.  Some have spoons to eat with while others use pencils or rulers.  Several will only eat a portion of it and save the rest of their bowl to take home to share with other family members.  Can you imagine sending your child to bed at night knowing they had not been able to eat a meal?  There are many throughout Africa who are just like these kids, perhaps, not even getting one meal a day.  Please pray! 

 We had a volunteer team which came to help at our cluster meeting last week.  Afterwards, they stayed a few days longer so that they can do some more ministry and go to Victoria Falls.
The team was able to go to this community school and help teach and feed the kids.  They were such a blessing to over 500 kids!

 Linda is 65 years old and she wanted to help make the porridge.  


 Some of the kids lined up to get their bowl of porridge.

Mackenzie, 16 years old, from SC serves porridge alongside of Linda.  You're never to young or old to serve the Lord!

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