Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 We are not sure what is completely wrong with Vincent. We believe there is more going on then what the family told us. They said he was normal and then a few months ago he was beat up pretty badly and now he can't walk or talk. I visited him a couple of months ago and he just layed on the mattress the whole time with a feeding tube attached to him. We gave him a BGR bucket at that time as well.  So on this day we just went to visit him and see how he was doing.  It was good to at least see him sitting up this time. He still could not talk and when we talked to him there was no indication that he was understanding us.  Pray for a full recovery for Vincent.
On this particular day I had two volunteers with me.  Linda is from SC and came to Zambia to help with our cluster meeting.  The whole team wanted to do more ministry among Zambians so on this day we split up into several groups and did various things.  Since we couldn't communicate with Vincent, Linda began talking with his mother, Falice.  When Linda asked her when she was born she could only remember the year.  It just happened to be the same year Linda was born in!  Below is  a picture of Linda and Falice.
Please pray for Falice as she takes care of her son Vincent.  Pray that the caregivers in this community would continue to encourage Falice and others like her who are taking care of loved ones who are very sick.


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