Friday, April 5, 2013

Annual Cluster Meeting-2013

Last week we had our annual cluster meeting with all the imb missionaries serving in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia.  A volunteer team came from SC to help with all our mk's.  We had such a good time of worship and fellowship!  Enjoy the pictures.

 Me and my friend Joy.  I sure will miss her!  She left for the states yesterday.
 Lauren, Lily, and Easton with Hannah

 Me with the Helgren kids

 group hug

 Brad led us in worship each day. As you can see he was very talented. He played the guitar, tamborine, and drum all at the same time!

 We had a special prayer time for each of our teams.  We went around to different prayer stations and prayed for each family and ministry.

 One afternoon we were able to go on a cruise on the Lake.
Hannah and her good friend Evie

 Dwayne and Betty


 Lesley and Kenny

 Mary and Van

 Amy and Mike

 River Belle

Sky and Country

 The boat stopped for a while so those who wanted to jump in the lake where crocs and hippos swim could do that.  I stayed on the boat but there were many who took a dip!


 Isn't this beautiful?

 Hannah with her little friend Karissa.

 Our family on the cruise.

 Ricky and Niki led the volunteer team from SC.  It was so good to see them again.  They use to serve at our guest house in Lusaka.

 Susan and Jim

 Billy and Sara and Tracey and Lee

 Each morning we had some of our new missionaries share their testimonies.  
Chris and Laura Beth 

 Heather, Lee, and Staci

 It is never fun saying good-bye.  Our friends the Helgrens left this week...

 and the Packs leave in May.

 On the last night we have a program where the kids share some things that they have learned during the week.  They shared several songs with us.

 We had a time where we recognized these 4 who are graduating this year.  We gave them and Oswald Chambers devotional book.
Anna Marie, Troy, Matthew, and Justin

 We also had a time where we recognized our mk's who had been on the mission field.  There were several younger ones who celebrated being on the field for 5 years and then Justin for 15 years!

 Our family in front of the Lake.

 Kevin and Justin

Me and Kevin

me and Justin

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