Saturday, April 6, 2013

BGR Buckets

Richard is HIV positive and has TB.  When we went to visit him this week he could not even get up to greet us because he was so weak.  As he shared with us about how he was feeling he said that the nights were the worst time.  He felt cold and alone.  Thankfully, we just happened to have brought him a blanket that a church in America had made.  We shared with him how God was always with him even during the night when he seemed all alone.  He did say he was a believer so we just tried to encourage him as he walks through these diseases.  We also were able to give him a BGR bucket.  Although he didn't smile much he was very thankful for all the things in the bucket that will make him feel more comfortable. Please pray for Richard as he has just begun the TB medicine a few weeks ago and still has a long ways to go.  There are so many like Richard all over Zambia.  At least he has hope but so many others live with these diseases and have no hope.  Pray for opportunities to share Christ with these who are so near death before it is too late.

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