Saturday, May 18, 2013


 This past month we have been involved in doing an orientation program for new missionaries who have come to serve in Africa.  This program is called 40/40.  I believe this was our 10th one to be a part of.  One of the best things I love about doing 40/40 is meeting all the great new missionaries coming to Africa.  
The program can be a bit tough sometimes.  Living conditions are not always comfortable, people often get sick, and people are stretched out of their comfort zones.  On the upside, culture is learned, lives are changed, bonds are made, and people are saved!  
I took lots of pictures but I'm only posting my favorites so you can get a glimpse into what we have been up to for the last 30 days.

 Our two nannies, Langiwe and Irene, took care of our two little ones.

 morning bible study

 a visit to the crocodile farm with all the mk's

Mindy and Abigail with a turtle

 Lots of Crocs!

 crocodile burgers


 Hannah and Sarah

 learning to bargain at a market

 tea time

 Kayla, Lillian, and Hannah

 learning to make nshima

 visiting a Zambian's home

 playing volleyball


 many rides in the wagon

 lots of sweetness!

 a visit to the taxidermist

 even got to see a Zebra

 saying good-bye

 DFA's to the boma in the back of a truck.

 visiting a rural market

 cold drink in the market

 Hannah and Mindy

 lots of swinging!

 tea with the Chiefs wife and DC wife

 mk's visit a local farm

 riding an oxcart

 Irene and baby Hannah


 best buddies!

 Kevin came to play with the kids!

 mother may I?

 mk's visit a villiage

 mk's visit local headman


 saying bye to helpers

nights by the fire

 Smiths going on their homestay

 Jones about to head out to their homestay.

 Isles with their hosts.



 our home during camp

 Great friends and staff!

 all the mk's with their teachers

 Our 40/40 group!

 us with Anna Grace

 Love these special ladies!  

 Last night program was done baliwood style.

Final group hug and prayer!  After spending 30 days with these participants you can't help but love them!
Please pray for these precious friends of ours who are heading back home to their countries where they will learn language and culture in their setting.  Pray they will take all they have learned these last 30 days and now use it in their context. May God work in and through them to change the world!

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