Friday, May 24, 2013

Amai Nkoma

 Yesterday, Kevin and I went out in a compound to give a BGR bucket.  When we met up with the caregivers we found out that they had already given a bucket the week before and we were just going to give a blanket and encourage her.  When we entered the house we found Amai Nkoma sitting on the floor.  She is 41 years old (even though she looks to be in her 20's!) and has 4 children.  Her husband is HIV positive and has been taking ARV's for a while but never told his wife.  The caregivers have been encouraging Amai Nkoma to go and get tested.  She finally did and found out she was postive.  Today she will go and get tested so she can also be put on ARV's.  It takes up to 2 weeks to get the test results back so it will be that long before she can begin taking the medicine.  

 As you can see she has these sores on her foot and leg.  The caregivers said the sores actually looked good today. They said that these sores were open earlier when they had seen her.  It is hard to tell from this angle but her ankle area is so swollen.  It is twice the size of the other leg.  She is in so much pain that she can not even walk.  It will be a challenge to get her to the hospital but one of the caregivers will go with her.

 Like I said she received a BGR bucket last week and was very appreciative.  This time when we went we gave her a blanket which was knitted by some women in the US and then sent to Zambia.  During these cool nights it will help keep her and her husband warm.
Kevin shared some scriptures with her from John 10 to encourage her after she had shared that she was a believer since 1998.  
Please pray for Amai Nkoma as she goes to be tested and as she begins taking ARV's.  While taking this medicine it is important that you eat well.  We also took some Soy meal to help but it will not last long.  
These 4 children need their mother and father.  Please pray that with God's help and the ARV's that these lives will be extended for the sake of their children.  We also found out that the mother of Amai Nkoma believes that this is all because of witchcraft and will not face the fact that her daughter is HIV positive.  There are so many who do not want to face the facts and get help.  Praise God for the caregivers who stepped in and helped her to face the truth and get the help that she needed.

 some of the children outside

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