Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jubilee Celebration

As a young child and even in to high school I was in lots of parades.  When I was a little girl I twirled the baton in the parades.  Then in high school I played the clarinet and was in many parades in the marching band.  Since graduating from high school I haven't been in a single one until Monday.  This week the Lusaka Baptist Churches got together to have a Jubilee Celebration and it all started with a parade marching down one of the major streets in Lusaka.  Several of the missionaries in the Baptist Mission of Zambia took part as well. 

Me, Noria, and Robyn before the parade

Hannah, Julie, and Hadassah


We marched right behind the band!

Each church marched behind the banner that they had made.

Hannah and Hadassah

It was a huge parade!

We ended the parade at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.  We met out on the grounds and then the speakers and choirs sang up on the steps of the Cathedral.

Vocal Collection sang many times and then different choirs from the churches sang as well.

The first day Kevin just have to give a welcome speech and then the second day he preached twice.

This was the annual general meeting for the Lusaka Baptist Fellowship Churches Association.
This year Zambia is celebrating 50 years of independence as a nation, and the theme for this years meeting was "Jubilee Celebration 2014: The Year of Liberty"  in honor of Zambia's 50th birthday.

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