Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Prayer Retreat

For the last couple of weeks we have been traveling in Mozambique to visit friends serving in this country.  We were also able to attend their prayer retreat and leadership training time as well.  

This is a fine group of people whom the Lord has called to this place at this time.  It was such a joy for us to hear of their work and the people they minister to.  Pray for them as they serve in very difficult places among some hard to reach people groups.

 We like to celebrate years of service.
The Jackson's have served in Moz. for 10 years.

 The Harrell's celebrate 10 years of service.

 John Dina celebrates 25 years in Moz.

 Jeff came and showed people how to use the BGR buckets.

 The youth sharing

 Lots of worship time

 This is the volunteer team who came to teach all the children while the adults met.

 On the last day we helped keep the little ones so that their parents could go buy supplies.

 Uncle Don reading to Kyleigh
watching the movie Frozen with the little ones.

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