Friday, November 7, 2014

Unexpected beauty

One day while visiting with Nancy we traveled to Messumba to visit with a new church about two hours away from Lichinga.  In this area along the lake there are people who speak Nyanja. Nancy has been going about once a month to try to teach and train the believers there.  It was so exciting to be in a Portuguese speaking country but to hear Nyanja being spoke.  One woman even came up to us and greeted us in Bemba, another language spoken in Zambia.

This was just an unexpected beauty riding along the lake.

Kevin shared a couple of lessons and then we had lunch.

 These little girls asked me to take them with me. 

This is the only baptist church in this area and they are willing and excited about sharing their faith with others.  Pray for this little congregation as they try to be the light of Jesus in this place.  Pray they will have the desire/vision to reach out to the Yao in the future.

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