Monday, April 27, 2015

Hooked to an IV

Friday I went to visit several patients and all of them were real tough cases to see.  Perhaps the hardest for me to visit was a woman named Elaina.  She was 24 years old lying on a bed in a local clinic in the compound.  An IV was attached to her trying to give her some nourishment because she was so very dehydrated.  She was HIV positive and has been in and out of the hospital for several months.  She has been having diarrhea and vomiting for the last 7 weeks and she couldn't get better.  Hopefully, the IV helped!  What struck me when I walked in to the clinic room was how very small she looked in that single bed with the IV in her.  Her waist was probably about 18 inches around if that much. Her eyes were big but sunken in as well.  The look of hopelessness was in her eyes.  She was kind of out of it so we just visited with the family, prayed for her, and then left.  We left a BGR bucket with the family member so they could use some of the things in the bucket to help Elaina feel more comfortable.  The clinic ended up referring her back to the hospital this weekend.  Please pray for this young girl as you think about her.  Pray that the vomiting and diarrhea will stop and that she might regain some of her strength that has been lost.  Pray for her family who is trying to care for her.  Pray she will receive good medical care at the hospital. 

++ I just got word that she died this morning....4-28-2015

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