Thursday, April 30, 2015

A pair of socks=JOY

 We visited with Agnes in her small one room house on Monday.  She is actually from Lukulu which is in the western part of Zambia but said she moved to Lusaka about 5 years ago so someone could help take care of her.  

 Agnes told us she has no blood. Actually, that means that she has anemia.  Because of this, she mostly stays in her bed because she is very weak.  She said to walk even a short distance she feels like she will fall down.  She eats little and very seldom does she drink water.  Which as you can imagine leads to other ailments like dehydration and constipation.  The doctor at the clinic gave her something to take but I didn't recognize the name of it. I'm assuming it was a vitamin but I'm not sure. 

When we were giving her the BGR bucket she was so very excited!  When she saw the socks in the bucket she got a big grin on her face.  She said, "Just this morning I was praying and telling God how cold I was.  I never knew you were going to come and bring me socks but God knew."  Amazing that a pair of socks could bring such joy!
Agnes asked me to tell whoever had sent the bucket, "Thank you!"

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