Sunday, May 3, 2015

Update on Amai Ngoma

This past week I was able to go and do a follow-up visit with Amai Ngoma.  If you will remember, a couple of months ago, we were going to visit her in Ng'ombe compound and the family that was staying with her were neglecting her.  They were not feeding her or washing her clothes and bedding.  The caregivers who I work with did what they could do to find other family members who would take her in and care for her.  Amai Ngoma ended up moving to George Compound which is in another section of Lusaka.  This family was doing a good job caring for her for a while but then we got word that they were also neglecting her so we wanted to go and see for ourselves what was going on.  The house she is now staying in is much bigger but she is put in a side room (maybe 8by12)with the only entrance being outside.  When we walked in she was lying with her head in the corner, sleeping.  We waited until she stirred some and then began talking to her.  We were in the process of asking her how she was being treated but then some of the family came in with us.  However, as we visited and shared we could tell that this family was doing a much better job caring for her than the other ones.  The room was clean and she was dressed and dry.  Someone is sleeping in the room with her so she is not alone.  She looked like she had been eating ok too.  She wasn't as small as she was the last time I had seen her.  So as we talked, the caregivers and I shared about how the last family had treated her and that I had wanted to get the police involved and how we couldn't believe that anyone could treat another human being like that.  I think they got our point!
We had a good little bible study together where I shared some scripture from Rev. and Romans.  Then we prayed and left.  We all left feeling encouraged about our visit.  Please continue to pray that Amai Ngoma will be well taken care of.  Pray that the Lord will give strength to the family caring for her because it is a tough job to care for someone who can not walk and all that entails.

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