Tuesday, May 26, 2015


As we entered the small house we saw a very small man who was very sick.  He was all alone in this small room.  He is too weak to walk or do hardly anything for himself.  He doesn't feel like eating or drinking.  His name is Timwani and he is a 30 year old man lying in a bed with a disease that is killing so many people. 

He is HIV positive and has TB. His mother passed away so his father is the one caring for him.  He has a job that keeps him away a lot during the day.  Pray for Timwani to be well taken care of.  We were able to give him a BGR bucket, share Christ, read scripture, and pray for him.

 Praise God he is already a believer! 
We got him a cup of water to drink and left it beside his bed so he could easily reach it.  It was much easier for him to drink using the straws that were in the BGR bucket.  He was so very thankful for all the things in the bucket! He kept saying the words, "thank you," over and over again.

Update:  I just got word that Timwani died 5-29-15.

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