Saturday, May 9, 2015

An Encouraging Day

Yesterday I went out with one of the caregivers in the compound and visited a few new patients and then did a follow-up visit with several patients we had seen last week as well.  All the ones we had seen last week were doing a bit better and even could chat for a while. It was neat to go into their homes again and see them using the things from the BGR buckets.
Please pray for Irak Mwanza whom we visited yesterday who has some kind of strange skin condition all over his body and is swollen especially in his face, hands, and feet.  We'll follow up with him on Monday and take him to the hospital.  As I shared Christ with him he began saying that is what he needed before I even finished.  He said he went to church as a young boy but had not been since and he spent most of his life drinking.  Praise God, he prayed to receive Christ yesterday!  He is now a new Creation! 
Another patient we went to visit, named Inis, was the daughter of a woman we visited last week.  She was now sick.  She was already HIV positive but now was down with vomiting and diarrhea.  She could hardly speak.  After I shared the gospel with her she also said she did not go to church anywhere and had lived a rough life.  She said she wanted to repent of her sins.  It was precious to hear her pray after me as she could hardly get the words out.  May she know God is there with her as she faces the days ahead.  May she feel His presence and comfort!  Praise God that she will now spend eternity in Heaven with God! 

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