Thursday, May 14, 2015

Follow-up visits

 The other day I wrote about a woman named Inis who prayed to receive Christ.  Today, we were able to do a follow-up visit with her and give her a BGR bucket.  She was actually sitting up today and could speak better.  She was still quite weak but it was good to see her out of bed.  

This is another patient we visited today.  Last week when we visited with her she was lying down inside the small house on the two-seater couch.  She is HIV positive and has TB.  She was lying in this small room with just a door and a very small window.  There were so many little children running around and several of her family members there also.  TB can be contagious so I encouraged her to be outside some during the day so that she could get some fresh air and not be cooped up inside spreading germs everywhere.  Today, we found her outside lying on the porch.  She did seem a little better today than she did last week.  The family was very happy to receive a BGR bucket.  These things will help them to care for this girl much better.  Thank you to all of you who have packed BGR buckets and had them sent overseas!

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