Monday, May 25, 2015

Update on Mr. Mwanza

May 9th I wrote on my blog: Please pray for Irak Mwanza whom we visited yesterday who has some kind of strange skin condition all over his body and is swollen especially in his face, hands, and feet. We'll follow up with him on Monday and take him to the hospital. As I shared Christ with him he began saying that is what he needed before I even finished. He said he went to church as a young boy but had not been since and he spent most of his life drinking. Praise God, he prayed to receive Christ yesterday! He is now a new Creation!
We took him to the hospital and they admitted him. We just took him home this past Thursday. I sat down with the dr and he told me that he had cancer of the blood vessels. He was scheduled for a biopsy this Wed. and then begin chemo. As we were passing by his house today we met his son along the road. We stopped and he told us that Mr. Mwanza died this morning. He wasn't great on Thursday but he was doing better than when he went in to the hospital. At the hospital someone was cooking for him so he was getting food regularly. At home he just didn't get the care he needed. We were shocked to hear this news and sad by it but are so thankful that he prayed to receive Christ on the 9th and is now in Heaven..

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