Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Volunteer team ministers in Zambia

We are so thankful for friends from our home church in NC coming to minister alongside of us for a little over a week.  They went to a compound and played with kids and shared Christ with them.  They walked through the compound sharing the gospel and inviting people to see the Jesus film.  Unfortunately, the equipment did not work that evening so it had to be postponed until later this month.

This parachute was a big hit!


 Bethlehem Baptist Church

 walking the streets of the compound

 this was in the church service
the choir sang a song and this is how they ended it

 This church is right beside the city trash dump.  

 The team also went out a couple of days to a rural area where they had started some churches in years past.  They did hut to hut evangelism and showed the Jesus film.


Kevin translating for David
 Jeannie, Beth, and Nicole

 Caroline walking through the bush.

 David preaching

 Caroline and Hannah have become such good friends over the past couple of years.  

 The team also ministered in a local orphanage(next blog post) one afternoon.  During the morning they went to another compound and visited a school and went out to visit patients who were real sick.  They were also able to give out one BGR bucket.

The team was also able to squeeze in a quick trip to see Victoria Falls and go on a game drive and boat ride in Chobe, Botswana.  They were blessed to see so many amazing animals!  Here are just a few.

Caroline with our turtles

team leaving at the airport

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