Saturday, August 15, 2015

Snapshots of 20/20

 Sorry but all these pictures were taken with the kids.  I only took a few of the adults and they all ended up blurry.  
We visited an elephant orphanage.

 We also took a field trip the crocodile farm and got to hold snakes.

 We taught the kids how to bargain and then they got to go practice at a local market.

The first part of the program was in Lusaka and after a week we shifted to Petauke to do the rural phase.

 We played games

 read books

 visited a rural market and enjoyed a frita and drink

 This baby was named after me!  She is such a doll!

 The girls all fixed up and no where to go!

 Throughout the whole program we are preparing the kids for their homestay which is at the end of the program.  One thing we do with the kids is take them to an actual village for them walk through and visit with people so they can see what it will be like.
They got to practice pumping water.

 They went inside a hut.

 the shelled corn

 they made friends

 We also visited a farm and got to see huge pigs.

 We were able to hold some baby rabbits

 and some baby chicks.

One family left on Thursday and the rest left today.  It was a good couple of weeks!  We saw God work in and through each of the participants and even these little mk's!

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