Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our trip to Malindi

 Last week we went to stay at Turtle Bay in Malindi for a couple of days of vacation and then also had a meeting there with the Chadan Cluster.  Kevin has been helping them out since their Cluster Leader is in the states.
 There were two other families who also went a few days early.  We enjoyed going snorkeling with them.

 There were so many fish!

 I just love this view!

We walked down the beach one day to a wishing rock. I loved this pic of Hannah and Kevin.

This is the volunteer team which came from SC to help with the meeting. They did a tremendous job working with the kids and youth doing VBS.  A couple of them also helped with our worship times.  They were such a blessing to everyone!

 One of the afternoons after an all day meeting we were able to go out on this dhow on a creek.  We were giving lots of snacks and drinks and then they anchored so we could jump in the water if we wanted to.  I chose not to because I didn't want to go back soaking wet in the dark and be cold.

 Hannah jumping

 The youth group had so much fun together.

 Charles, one of the volunteers took family pics.  He did an awesome job!

 This is the Lane family who serve in S. Sudan.

 The Lewis family serve among the Toposa in S. Sudan.

The Jeremiadoss family serve among the Dinka people in S. Sudan.

The Taliaferro family serve in Uganda.

 Hannah met Abbie last year at 40/40 and they became good friends.  Hannah was so excited to be able to spend time with Abbie again at this meeting.

 This is Tim and Lee Shaw and their son, Daniel.  They serve in the finance department in SA.  It was good to see them again.  They used to live in Zambia in the very house we are now living in.

 Tim and Charlotte are the leaders for the Sub-Saharan Affinity.  They are precious friends!

 Yes, we did have a meeting.  We had a time of worship twice a day.  We heard from support staff, prayed for the cluster, teams, and people groups, and strategized for the cluster.

 The youth

There are such beautiful sunsets in Africa!


Dee C said...

Why is the screen looking blurry to me...I guess it could be the extra moisture in my eyes! Suzie, I can imagine the range of emotions you're going through. Everything you've said is so very true and I would echo it all. It is a bittersweet time, when it comes to separation from family, especially with kids. We're glad they're living life, but sorry we're not able to be a big part of it. THAT is most certainly the sacrifice. I love you, sister, and you guys are in my prayers for sure!
Dee Ann

Suzie Rodgers said...

Thanks so much Dee Ann!