Friday, September 25, 2015

A beautiful day

I walked along a dirt path through the compound, winding in and out between the different homes.  It was a hot day and flies were everywhere.  Everything looked brown and ugly except for the splashes of color in the women's chitenge wraps.  Children stopped what they were doing to watch us as we came closer to them.

Not too long ago we visited Maxwell and he prayed to receive Christ.  He was always lying in bed because he couldn't walk due to being so weak.  He also had a stroke and is paralyzed in his left arm.  On this day it was so good to see him feeling some better.  He is even able to get out of bed from time to time to go out to use the toilet.  This is so much better than just lying in the bed all the time. 

Nelson is HIV positive and has TB.  He had been taking ARV's and medicine for the TB but had stopped because he was feeling better.  He had returned to a lifestyle of drinking and being with women again.  Now he is sick once again.  He doesn't want to eat.  It seems he had given up.  We showed up to visit with him and his family.  I was able to share the gospel with him and he prayed to receive Christ.  He also said he was going to start taking his medicine again and try to eat.  Please pray that Nelson will not give up and that he would trust Christ to take care of him.  Pray he will have the strength to stay away from these areas of bondage in his life.

We also visited another couple named Mr. and Mrs. Phiri.  He is HIV positive but his wife is not.  We talked to him about things he needed to make sure he did so that his wife would not get this disease as well.  They have 5 children and it sure would be devastating to these kids to lose their parents.  Mr. Phiri is not able to take the ARV's yet because his CD4 count isn't high enough. Pray he will eat well and that his count will increase so he can begin taking ARV's.  This couple also prayed to receive Christ after hearing the gospel.  
Even though our circumstances at first seemed discouraging God turned it into a beautiful day!

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