Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Zambia is in the middle of a crippling electricity crisis at this time. You can see the article below for more details. The shortage of electricity has been building for some time but has become more pronounced with reduced water levels at Kariba North Bank Power Station, Kafue Gorge Power Station and Victoria Falls Power Station. This has led to “load shedding” across the country and on a typical day our power can be off for 6-14 hours at a time. This can be quite frustrating as it is sporadic and difficult to tell whether we will have power or not, and when we have no electricity it also means no water and difficulty cooking. Please pray for the government of Zambia to figure out how to fix this crisis, and pray for us to have patience and endurance during this time. It is not likely to be resolved before January when the rains have returned and the resovoir has filled again. This article says we could have a total blackout in November, and while we are managing now, we aren’t sure what we will do if that happens.We did get a generator that will run our house except for our stove, geyser, and dryer.  We think we may be able to run one burner on our stove if we turn everything off but have not tried it yet since we just got it hooked up late yesterday afternoon.  While we have it bad the people who live in the compounds have it so much worse. They hardly get any power at all each day.  So please keep Zambia in your prayers.

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