Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our tour of Athens

 Our day began with a lot of rain so we started off a little later in the morning and went to the museum first.

 Our friends Daren and Shawna

 I believe we were on the third story of the museum for this picture.  Yes, we did walk all the way up that hill!

 Sorry I have so many pictures of the city but I was amazed at how close these people lived to one another and how huge the city was.

 I had to take this picture because of the floor!  As you are walking on each level you can see below you.  Good thing we weren't wearing skirts!  I walked on the beams!


 Before we climbed to the top of the hill we ate a gyro.

 It was so amazing to see all this!


When we came down the hill we needed a little pick me up!  This was mine!

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