Friday, October 30, 2015

Little Moses

Moses is 6 years old and was born missing some bones in his legs and arms.  He has had surgery to try to help but it didn't seem to work.  His mom works all day trying to make enough money to support at least 5 children whom I met.  This family lives together all in one room with neighbors on both sides of them.  The 12 year old daughter cares for Moses, a baby which is 5 months old, and another child around 4 years old.  The older brother is about 15 years old and he tries to help out as well while the mother is at work.  None of these children are able to go to school even though they live probably 400 feet from a good community school.  Please pray with me that we can get these kids in school.  There is even a school for disabled children nearby that Moses can go to.  Even though Moses is physically disabled there is nothing wrong with his brain.  He was such a smart little boy and even was able to talk to me in English.  He had such a sweet spirit too.  Pray for Moses to get the help that he needs as well.  As sad as it was to see this little boy having to live like that I came away feeling encouraged by his sweet disposition.

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