Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 It was so fun to spend time with Hannah this past weekend for her mid-term break.
We traveled about 3 hours North of Nairobi to see lots of animals at a very unique place.

 We went to this place called "The Ark."  We have been wanting to go there for years so this was a very special treat for us.

 We drove to one lodge and then took a bus from there out to the ark. We arrived up the hill a bit and had to walk on this bridge which led us to the ark.

 our room

 At the end of each level of the ark were places where you could view the animals which came to the watering hole.  We got to see lots of animals!

 We also got to see lots of birds, storks, and ducks.

 We were most excited about seeing this leopard!  It only came up behind the bushes for a short time before disappearing again. 

We saw lots of elephants.

 The Ark

 We went out on the bridge to see the birds and even saw lots of squirrels.  

 At the entrance

The definition of "Enthralled" means to be filled with wonder and delight.  
After spending the afternoon and evening being thrilled by God at His creation I awoke to a beautiful sky overlooking Mt. Kenya.  As I had my QT out on the balcony being enthralled by His creativity and beauty I read this verse:
The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. Psalm 45:11
While I was enthralled with Him I read that He was enthralled with me!  That was such a special reminder to me!

 As was very fitting it even rained late in the afternoon for a while.  As the rain was beginning to slow down the sun came out and you guessed it so did a beautiful rainbow!

 leaving the Ark

 As we left on the bus right before we got to the exit we saw these Buffalo sitting beside the road.  The one in the middle even looks like it is talking.  I think it was saying in a NC accent, "ya'll come back now."

 We even saw some beautiful flowers.

We are so thankful that God has allowed us to live in Africa for so many years and be able to experience so many cool things and see so much of His Creation.  
I am enthralled by Him!

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