Saturday, February 6, 2016

School Children

For the last several months each Friday me and Julie go to Ng'ombe compound and help some of the children who are struggling in school with their reading and math skills.  Today's group was smaller than normal because the school had received some new books so several of the older kids were helping organize that.  So this time we were in a class that already had a class of about 50 students in the other half of the room.  It was quite loud at times so that is why these kids are leaning in so close to me.  Ha!  Our youngest kids that we are helping are in 4th grade and do not know how to read hardly at all.  It makes me sad that they got this far and can't read well.  But as you can see if the classes are so large(50+) that makes it hard for  a single teacher.  
Please pray for these students to do well and continue to grow in their knowledge.  Pray we will be an encouragement to them as well and that we might inspire them to love learning.

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