Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trip to Kaputa


 I was so nervous to fly to Kaputa in a small plane.  Kevin suggested I sit up front with the pilot thinking it may help me to see better.  However, I couldn't see good because I couldn't see over the control panel.  The flight was close to 4 hours.  I did ok until the landing.  The pilot had to circle around a few times and because we were low it was warm.  So unfortunately I got sick.


We visited with the Adair family who has been serving in Kaputa for the last 10 years as church planters.
  They have recently gotten some cows.  So one day we went to see them.

 Our friend Julie was able to go with us.  This picture is of me, Julie, Mary Margaret, Lulie and Charlie.

 This was taken right before we left.

 Sorry, I didn't take many pictures.  We did enjoy our visit with the Adairs!

 Julie with the Adair family

 We are about to take off.  I did much better in the back seat and didn't get sick on the way home!
 Here we go!!!

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