Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Poem for my birthday

I am one blessed woman!  Kevin wrote me this poem for my birthday.  

What does time mean, and what do the years matter?
Some fret as they get older, some fear the wrinkles; the lines that age and time carelessly scrawl across our faces like jagged bolts of lightning across a starless midnight sky.
Some worry about the future and dread the passing of time; those finite sands of time tumbling heedlessly through the hour glass of our lives, until the last one drops into eternity.
Some wonder how they will measure up, what will the ravages of time do to their body, their soul, their mind. Some shrink from uncertainty, they hide from reality, they fear the unknown.
But not you my love, you are like a fine wine, a hidden truth, a precious gem; you only grow more beautiful and more valuable, more priceless with each passing moment.
Like the woman of Proverbs, you are “clothed with strength and dignity, and you smile at the future.” Time cannot erase your worth, age cannot mar your beauty, and the seasons of life only add to the intensity of the light that shines from you to permeate the darkness on every side.
Love of my life, possessor of my heart… words are insufficient to fully express the depth of your worth.
Your strength is quiet, deeply rooted and dignified like the mighty oak in an ancient forest.
Your heart is tender, filled with compassion and quick to empathize with those who suffer and despair.
Your spirit glows like an ember of purity and clarity bringing warmth and hope to all around you.
Your wisdom is Godly, flowing from a life of experience forged in the crucible of service to God.
Your faithfulness is unwavering, bringing confidence and courage to your husband, children and friends.
Your love is pure and your kindness is infectious drawing those around you like a moth to a flame.
Your charm is overpowering, causing all who know you to love you and to want to be like you.
Your beauty is unfading and grows more intoxicating every day, like the sun that graces the sky by day to  warm our souls and still thrill us anew at each rising and setting.
 “Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all.” (v. 29)
My love, my life, possessor of my heart… there is none to compare with you. There is no one who can take your place, no one who can capture my heart, no one who can thrill me like you. I am yours eternally and our hearts will be forever intertwined; no beginning, no end… just one heart, beating in unison, embracing the mystery of love, until time stands still and we stand in the presence of our King who bound us together. Until then, no matter how old we get, we can smile brightly at the future!

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