Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trip to Mozambique

 This is the home of the Brownfields who are serving among the Lomwe people in Mozambique.  Villages surround their home which they built several years ago.
We were able to go with Bob and Pam to two of their churches where they are currently training believers.  Bob drew in the dirt to help illustrate his lesson so the people would remember what he was saying.

Then each person retold the lesson and drew in the sand as well.  Hopefully, these people being trained will go out and teach this lesson again later in the week with groups that they have started.

children are always present
these kids entertained themselves while their parents listened to the missionary

more practice
one of the churches

huge termite hill

walking home

This is the little plane we rode on.  This pilot was wonderful and I didn't even get sick!

Lots of people gathered to see us take off.  They ran after us as the plane taxied out on the dirt runway.  I was so scared one of these kids were going to be hit but thankfully they got out of the way.

And off we go.....

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