Monday, June 27, 2016

A day in Chobe National Park

 We drove to the border of Zambia/Botswana and left our truck and rode a ferry across to Botswana.  We were picked up by a safari company and they took us to a lodge where we enjoyed a quick breakfast.  We then went to the water where we got on this pontoon to go on our boat safari.  We saw lots of animals!

Kevin got cold so he sat in the sun with the blanket around him.  Yes, it does get cold in our part of Africa.

After our boat safari they took us to Chobe Safari Lodge where we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch.

 After lunch we went on an afternoon safari in this truck.  Again, we saw so many animals!

 I absolutely love Giraffe!  We saw so many!  We would see a few and then drive a little bit further and we would see more.  It was the most giraffe I had ever seen in one day.  I imagine we saw about 100 all together.  God was thrilling us over and over again with His creation!

 We even saw lions.  Of course, they would not turn and look at the camera for me....

Normally for me, the buffalo are my least favorite to see.  However, on this day we saw probably about 500+ buffalo come down the bank and cross the Chobe River.  It was amazing!

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