Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vic. Falls


 Our first morning in Livingston we went to see Victoria Falls.  We were amazed at how much spray there was because the rains were not good this year.  It was beautiful and we got very wet!

 First we walked down to the bottom.  We had to stop a few times to take pictures(rest, ha!).

 Mick and Amy

 Zach and Megan

 Sorry you can't see the Falls very good behind us.  We asked a stranger to take our picture.

 view from the bottom

 We saw lots of baboons as we climbed back up to the top.

 Then we walked the path where you can see the Falls really good.

 This is Michael, Megans twin brother.

 We have the greatest in-laws!

 getting a little wet

 It's hard to tell but this is me and Kevin.


 Once again I'm in AWE of God's creation!

It was a beautiful day!

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