Saturday, May 22, 2010

40/40 Finishes up at Ibis Gardens

This past Monday all the participants said good-bye to their homestay families and boarded a bus to travel about 7 hours back through Lusaka to a place called Ibis Gardens. It is at this lodge that we had our final debriefings, learned a language learning tool. and had some down time. Enjoy the pics. from our time at Ibis.

Even though it was cool the kids still went swimming in the afternoons. Above is: Kylie, Hannah, Olivia, and Karis.

Each morning we hear from someone in administration for about an hour. On this day, Wade C. spoke about strategy.

Sky is teaching PILAT here. This is a language learning tool that will be very useful to the participants as they head to their countries and begin studying their language.

James and Sonya

Doug and Sonya are signing peoples encouragement sheets.

The Mullicans and Armstrongs

all the kids

Kevin with all the journeymen

We had a talent show the last night together. James, Lynn, Ken, and Doug singing in a quartet.

The kids sang and danced to a Hannah Montana song.

Ken and Shannon singing together.

James hitting at a pinata.

Matt singing for us as Doug played the guitar for him. We sure did have a talented group.

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