Saturday, May 29, 2010

Womens Meeting

For the last few days the women in the Great East Road Association have been having a meeting at Chisomo Baptist Church. The theme for the meeting was Spiritual Growth. I was given the two topics of Faith and Giving to come and teach on Friday. However, to my surprise, early Thurs. morning one of the women came and asked if I could come and teach that morning because the other speakers had not shown up yet. I had really hoped to have that day to prepare more but they were in a bind so I quickly got ready and went. I enjoyed teaching on these topics and sharing what God had taught me over the years on these subjects. This past term I have done most of my teaching in this assoc. so it was so exciting to see women that I had taught and not seen in a long time. It was sad to me to think about leaving these women behind once we move to Lusaka. These women are my friends. I hope that from time to time they will invite me back out to Chongwe to share with them in their meetings.
Amai Chabwala came and spoke today on marriage. She used to be my neighbor before she moved to Lusaka. It was good to see her again. (Yes, that is toilet paper as decorations.)

There were at least 90 women at this meeting. Many of them just bring a little bit of clothing and then wash them while at the meeting.
I was so surprised to see these men cooking while the women were in their meeting. Not that there is anything wrong with this but this is the first time I have seen this in the 13 years I have been here. Honestly, I'm very proud of these church leaders who are true servants to come and do this task so that the women will not have to miss any of their meeting. Above the men are cooking the relish of rape. It is kind of like collards.
Here they are making nshima. Zambians eat this at least once a day but sometimes more. It is very good.

It is very hard to stir the longer it cooks.

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