Friday, May 21, 2010

Homestays-Life for 3 days in the Village

This past weekend the participants packed up enough for 3 days and headed out to stay with a Zambian family for a few days. They stayed in their huts, ate their food, and worked in their fields. They got to experience African culture up close! They all seemed to enjoy their stay with their families. Below are some pics. from a couple of their homestays so you can see some of what they did.

The Mullicans are all packed and heading to their homestay.

The Skuza's are leaving with their family.

The Vickery's are waiting for their ride.

JF Tembo and his wife Amai Josephine.


Several in our group got to help build a storage bin for maize.

Many pounded groundnuts, beans, or maize.

One of the villages someone stayed in.

Cara even cut wood!

The girls had to dig out some charcoal.

Participants "Happy Place!"

from left to right-Lauren, Heather, Amai Daisy Chipanga, and Cara

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Rachel said...

Aww, thanks for sharing these pictures... I miss Zambia and especially Amai Daisy and Henry!