Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hannah's 10th Birthday!

Hannah celebrated her birthday Dec. 8th.  She had several days of fun!  These are the pics. from her special day.

 She had friends over to spend the night.  Above they are eating their pizza and watching Toy Story 3.

 Hannah blowing out her candles on her cake.

We played several games from the tv show "Win it in a Min."  It was a lot of fun!
 Here the girls had to move a cookie from their forehead into their mouth only using their facial muscles and no hands.

In this game they had to blow a marshmellow using a straw into a square.

 In this game they had to shoot the cans down with rubberbands.

 Justin showing them how he could stack the cans.

 Here they had to stick their nose in vaseline and then pick up a cotton ball with their nose and then transport that cotton ball to another bowl without using their hands.

 Here is a group pic. of all the girls with their cotton balls on their noses!

 Hannah waking up on her birthday to us singing "Happy Birthday!"

 opening some presents

 here she is with a bear that Justin got her

 We also went to Chuck-E-Cheese for her birthday!

Sarah took Hannah to a girls spa where they both enjoyed getting their fingernails done.

 having her hands soak

 the finished product

Our daughter, Hannah, who is now double digits!!  I guess there is no going back!
Seriously though, we are very proud of Hannah and love her so much.  We have truly been blessed by her in our family!

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