Monday, December 6, 2010

Hannah's First Snow!

Since we live in Zambia,  Hannah has never had the opportunity to see snow.  This past Sat. Justin was visiting my parents about one hour away and he called and said it was snowing there.  Shortly after that, Zach called and said it was snowing at Liberty too.  Hannah was so disappointed because it was not snowing here.  Then about 15 min. later we went to look out the window and it was snowing.  She was so excited!!  She ran outside without a coat and at first just stood there looking at it with a big smile on her face.  These are some of the pictures I took of her as she enjoyed this "First."  Of course, she is hoping for about 3 feet of snow at some point while we are here.  So for those of you who live near us, sorry, because she is praying for it to happen!

tasting it on her tongue

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