Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day Dec. 1st

Today is World Aids Day, Dec. 1st.  This pandemic may not have affected your life directly but I'm asking you to please consider the suffering of those who are impacted by this disease every day.
You can make a difference!!  
1-Pray for a cure for HIV/AIDS that would be readily available worldwide.
2-Pray for ministries who are on the front lines, caring for the sick and the orphans left behind as families are devastated by AIDS.
3-Pack an In Home Care Kit-this is a hospice care kit packed in a 5 gallon bucket that gives hope and dignity to someone who is terminally ill......and most importantly gives them the opportunity to see and hear God's love for them.

Please look in my sidebar and watch the short video done by BGR about AIDS in South Africa and a certain ministry that is trying to do all they can to help these people.  
For further information please visit:
These are real children, not unlike your own – who laugh and smile and have hopes and dreams.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring their world a little closer to yours.

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