Thursday, March 10, 2011

About to head out....

Our time in the states is quickly ticking away!  We have enjoyed being here for the last 8 months but it is now time to go back to Zambia and continue doing what God called us to do.  We leave here on the 19th of March.  Below are some requests for the month of March that we would really appreciate your prayers on.  We enjoyed getting to reconnect with some of you and meeting others for the first time during this stateside time.  Thank you for holding the rope for us in prayer as we go out and be your missionaries.  There are some pictures below from our last few weeks.
Suzie, Kevin, Zach, Justin, and Hannah

March Prayer Requests:
March 10th-Kevin meets with his professor over the final copy of his dissertation.  He will make corrections and then make 4 copies to give to his readers.  Pray he can get all of this done on this day so that night he can pack up the printer to go in our crate.
March 11th-We pack our crate that will be sent over to Zambia.  Please pray that we will be able to pack everything we have collected over the last 8 months into this crate and it will all fit.
March 11th-20th-Zach has his spring break from college.  Pray we will have a good last week together.  Please pray for him as we leave next week. 
March 19th-We start our journey back to Zambia.  Pray for safe travel and that Suzie will not get sick.  Pray for us as we say bye to Zach and our families.
March 21st-  We arrive in Zambia!!  Pray for quick adjustment back into our life in Zambia.  Pray for us to get over jet lag quickly.
March 22nd-Hopefully on this day we will begin shifting our things from Chongwe to Lusaka.  Pray for the rest of this week that God would give us strength to get all unpacked.
March 27th-April 2nd- We will attend our annual meeting with all the missionaries in our cluster in Malawi.  Pray for us as we travel about 12 hours away to go to this meeting.

Hannah with her cousins Macey(in front) and Michaela(back).

Suzie's family

Suzie and her Mom

Our friends the Neely's came to visit.  They use to serve with us in Zambia.  We had a great time with them.  
This pic. is of me and Helen.

We enjoyed playing phase 10 together.

The boys enjoyed playing guitar hero.

Hannah really enjoyed spending time with Rebeca.

A few weeks ago we reconnected with some friends from our college days.  Kim was even in our wedding 22 years ago!  We were able to go to their church and share with them about Zambia.

Our family and Kim's family.

I also got to reconnect with another friend/roommate from college.  Eileen was also in my wedding many years ago.  This is her sweet family. 

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