Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last time in Oriental, NC

 We decided to take the ferry across to Atlantic beach.  The last few days have been so pretty like Spring time weather.  However, this day was rainy and cool which made the ferry ride a little bumpy.  I had to take some medicine to get back across but I made it just fine.  The kids always enjoy feeding the seagulls.

 As soon as we got down to the beach the kids just took off to get down to the water.  We are so glad they love the beach like we do.

 It was just sprinkling a bit so Kevin and I stayed under the umbrella while the kids played.

 Here is our newest family picture.  It may be a while before we can have another one done. (So sad)

 Justin, Hannah, and Zach

 Zach having a QT at his grandparents pier.

Kevin's mom and dad with their new dog Benji.

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